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We are a B2B Company that partners with local business to help them best serve their customer. We work with bars, restaurants, beer distributors, six pack shops, grocery stores, convenience stores and more!

  • We supply the best selection of domestic, craft and imported beers.

  • We are a consumer-centric, sales driven company and everything we do is geared towards our mission of creating bonds with consumers through brands and experiences that bring people together





In 1933 at the end of Prohibition, John T. McCormick and his partner Harold Mulvihill started the Erie Beer Company.  They were able to secure the franchise rights to Erie County for Anheuser-Busch a few months later.  During those early years many small local and regional breweries existed and were distributed through Erie Beer Co. In those early years, deliveries were made to not only taverns and distributors but homes too!  Home deliveries were a big part of the overall business.

In 1960, John T. McCormick bought out his partner Harold Mulvihill and brought his oldest son, Michael McCormick into the business to eventually become the President of the company.  John’s sons Philip and Edward would also follow once they completed college. John T. McCormick passed away on April 1, 1972. 


The family decided to bring on the Stroh Brewery in 1968. This little known brewery would double in size and grow many times over.. It would become the biggest selling brand in Erie throughout the 70’s and early 80’s. Anheuser-Busch would then grow into the market leader from then on and still remains the market leader today! Erie Beer has acquired the rights to many breweries over the years and currently carries a wide variety of domestic, imports, specialty beverages, and craft beers!

In 2006 the McCormick family bought the Anheuser-Busch wholesales in Franklin, PA. This would expand the Erie Beer companies’ territory to a total of five counties. In 2012, Erie Beer gained Anheuser-Busch rights to Mercer county, extending our territory rights for ABI to six total counties. 

For the last 10 years, the third generation (Kevin McCormick, Beth McCormick Rajakovich, and Paula McCormick) has taken leadership roles in the day-to-day processes.

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